How to Measure

Please have someone help you take your measurements and to fill out all measurements completely.

Click each of the numbered links below (tied to specific measurement) to move to a corresponding segment of the video (or hover over measurement to see a picture).

Each item corresponds to a measurement field on the form and is in the same order.

Show Measurements needed for:

19 Hips
20 Thigh (Right and Left)
21 Above Knee (Right and Left)
22 Below Knee (Right and Left)
23 Calf (Right and Left)
24 Ankle (Right and Left)
25 Shoe Size
26 Inseam to Below Knee
27 Inseam to Ankle Bone
28 Inseam to Floor
29 Ankle Bone to Calf
30 Ankle to Knee Center
31 Height
32 Weight
33 Tip to Tip (Women Only)
34 Under Arm To Tip (Women Only)
Torso + Leggings Measurement Form

Leggings Only Measurement Form